Web development is with SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), there is always researching, learning, developing, maintaining, and upgrading. However, each project is a new baby and nobody will treat it the same as the others. During the development of each web site, I had learnt new things. I believe this is the beauty of it.

Developing the Hong Fook Web site is quite a challenge. They had an old site and the original plan was to beautify the old site with user friendly navigation and function. While after studying the old site, I had noticed there were many constraints with limitation. Concluded with the plan to rebuild from scratch. From creating the wireframe, building sandbox, developing one main site with three sub sites, fixing deployment issues to creating user guide and technical document, I have learnt quite a lot. The fun of being a full stack web developer is, I could learn quite a lot of new ideas, and they are all solution-oriented. It's also a great experience to understand the client's requirements, digested and used my imagination to create and show it to the public.

What is better than the client given you 100% flexibility in design and layout of the web site? LGBT CCI President Alexis had only one request - completed the web site in a week time. Sometimes building web site just like creating a new car - you know what engine to use, how much horsepower and you have the car chassis. Now you need 100% imagination to think the look and feel.

As a volunteer to the GDE Canadian Chinese Outreach. I am delight and honoured to be develop and maintain their site since 2015. Every year, GDE CCO raised over CAD100,000 for the Cancer Society and this is the reason why I want to continue contribute my effort and time. I believe with everyone's effort, we can make cancer history.

Volunteering at Chinese Canadian Legends made me one of the recipient of Ontario Volunteer Award in 2019. Chinese Canadian Legends web site is a bilingual (English and Chinese) and when I built the site, I will need to make sure audiences of both languages would feel comfortable when browsing the site. Their board gave me fully support on the design of it. The challenge was, I couldn't make the site too fancy, but a clean and confident layout where audiences find the CCL recipients' story meaningful and interesting.

aZian Restaurant web site is one of the very first web sites I had redesigned from desktop version, onto a fully responsive web site. I had learnt quite a lot on how to administrate domain names, DNS, Nameserver update, and creating WordPress web site from scratch. I had to think what customers want to see and how they want to see. aZian Restaurant President May had given me 100% confidence on the design and development of the site. During the long term client relationship with aZian, I felt this is one of the most enjoyable web site I had built.

First time ever building web site for software company. I had to understand what THT offers, communicate with their software developers to make sure the web site represents what and how they could benefit and offer the best to their customers.

Was having delicious Thai food while knowing the owner wanted to build a web site for her restaurant.  Fortunate enough to gain their continuous trust while they had moved from Markham Ontario to Edmonton Alberta.

My own hobby web site, which connects model cars collectors and provide a platform for me to share my reviews with fellow collectors. I am happy to adopt this hobby, not only knowing and holding mini version of the brand name cars on my hands, but I have also learnt how to take product photographs, use of lighting and video editing. This is an on going hobby I have and I am glad I have met some cool pals with the same enthusiasm.